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Original Article
Facilitating the Process of Integration to Host Culture for Female Immigrants through Hybridized Identities in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West

Hoda Shabrang; Bahare Tajik

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 13-32


  IntroductionNowadays, speaking about immigration and its consequences is a controversial topic of many academic groups. The rise of postcolonialism and immigration has led to indescribable changes in world public affairs. In the field of immigration studies, the individual experiences of women in the ...  Read More

Original Article
The role of morphology and knowledge of word formation on the learning and expansion of potential German vocabulary

mahin moradi; Leili Mesgarzadeh aghdam; Shahram Sahavi

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 33-54


  Introduction :  The learning of German language vocabulary can be investigated from two points of view: "meaning and morphological structure". There are different ways to expand the vocabulary, most of the new words are created by word building method. Since the German language is rich in derivational ...  Read More

Original Article
A Study of Trauma in Jhumpa Lahiri's "A Temporary Matter"

Ahmad Reza Rahimi; ُShideh Ahmadzadeh Heravi

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 55-71


  Jhumpa Lahiri’s stories have been studied more or less as expressing the cultural conflicts and problems of living in a host land. However, this study hopes to open new horizons in studying works of Lahiri from a new point of view – that of trauma and traumatic studies, with the special focus ...  Read More

Original Article
The Medieval Discourse of Labor and (Noble) Idleness in The Canterbury Tales

Alireza Mahdipour; Hossein Pirnajmuddin

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 73-93


  IntroductionThe discourse of labor (and idleness) is theorized in ancient classical times by Hesiod who regarded labor as an affliction, and the aristocratic Plato-Aristotelian circle of thought who ignored its value since they attributed it to the slaves, celebrating instead the man’s ‘Noble ...  Read More

Original Article
Interactional Competence and Intonation in Teaching German

Armin Fazelzad

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 93-114


  Introduction: Since the ultimate purpose of learning a foreign language is being capable of communicating in that language, the concept of interactional competence is of dire importance in teaching and learning a second language. Interactional competence is the ability to use language in different social ...  Read More

Original Article
Analysis of the Persian translation of "Lyla's Dream" by Leconte de Lisle (A Study of Henri Meschonnic)

Sedigheh Sherkat Moghadam

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 115-136


  Introduction:La traduction permet d’échanger des idées et des réflexions du monde. Parmi divers textes littéraires, la traduction de la poésie semble difficile selon certains chercheurs. La difficulté majeure est de recréer l’union du sens ...  Read More

Original Article
A study of Joris-Karl Huysmans’s literary according to Bourdieu’s theory and the influence of habitus.

Dominique Carnoy-Torabi; Marghrouri SHahrzad

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 137-156


  Introduction: In the course of one’s life, a person constantly changes due to various environmental and social factors and inevitably adopts new frameworks. One of the most radical changes that a person experiences is the transformation of beliefs and the development of a new identity. In this ...  Read More

Original Article
Investigation of cultural factors in sixth-generation textbooks for German as foreign Language

Anita Amiri

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 157-186


  EinleitungZiel der vorliegenden Studie ist es, zu untersuchen, welche Bedeutung die kulturbiografischen Faktoren in DaF-Lehrwerken der sechsten Generation haben. Der Fremdsprachenunterricht wird als der zentrale Ort der Begegnung zwischen mindestens zwei Kulturen betrachtet, und dies kann manchmal zu ...  Read More

Original Article
Eco-Grief Induced Crisis: Resilience of Eco-Trauma and Sense of Ending in Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom

Shokofeh Zorriyeh Habib; Leila Baradaran Jamili; Bahman Zarrinjooee

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 187-207


  AbstractIntroduction: Role of nature is undoubtedly undeniable in literature. Due to environmental crises, addressing environmental dilemmas in literature is crucial. This research investigates eco-grief and eco-apocalypse in Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom (2010). It is based on the interrelation of ...  Read More

Original Article
A Stylistics of the Anti-War Postmodern Narrative in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five

Ali Taghizadeh; Ali Asghar Ghafouri

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 209-233


  Introduction: Vonnegut’s fiction is often read for science fiction, black humor, satirical, and postmodernist. However, the present research reads Slaughterhouse-Five mainly as an anti-war story. Thomas F. Marvin contends that the meaning of the novel as anti-war is a mixture of “brutal realism ...  Read More

Original Article
The impact of mind mapping on vocabulary acquisition in fictional texts to enhance reasoning development and strengthen language skills of Iranian French-learning children and teenagers.

SEPIDEH KARIMI HEIDARI; Leila Shobeiry; Hamidreza SHAIRI; Karim Hayati Ashtiani

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 235-261


  Introduction: Learning vocabulary and its memorization represent crucial challenges in language education. With the evolution of educational methodologies, contemporary techniques aim to streamline this process. Mind maps have emerged as a recent educational aid, offering effective learning strategies.Background ...  Read More

Original Article
Eco- critical Reading of Swedenborgian Concepts in Blake`s Selected Poetry

Laiya Matin Parsa; Ali Salami

Volume 20, Issue 31 , January 2024, Pages 263-285


  Introduction     William Blake's long-lasting connection with Swedenborg has long been reflected by many researchers and it is impossible to examine the poet's works within the scope of ecological criticism without considering the importance of the Swedish philosopher in the formation ...  Read More