CLLS treats each submission as a unique academic work. To ensure and maintain journal's high quality, CLLS sends each submission to two experts in the field for thorough evaluation; the article is assessed without any reference to the identity of the author (double blind peer-review). Prior to this, however, each article should pass a stage called first screening, done by the editor-in-chief. Should any article fail to pass this stage, the article will be returned to the author with notes explaining the reason for rejection.


  • In special cases, an article will be sent to the third reviewer.
  • Editor-in-chief's decision is based on evaluation forms, reviewers' thorough and detailed input, reviewers' comments; the decision is final.
  • Reviewers must express any conflict of interest before accepting to review any submission.
  • All reviewed submissions and concomitant evaluations are treated as confidential academic material, and will remain so even after the publication of the article.
  • Authors are requested to pay 4,000,000 Iranian Rial (around 16 USD) when their paper is officially accepted for publication by the editorial board.

Articles are accepted either as:

1. Accept as is (no changes);

2. Accept: Minor revision

3. Accept: Major revision

Rejected Articles will be kept confidentially in journal's archive.