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Original Article
A Content Analysis of the Grammar of Iranian Junior High School ELT Textbooks (Prospect) Based on Pedagogical Grammar Approach

Mohammadhossein Khani; ٔNegar Davari Ardakani; Fatemeh Bahrami

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 13-43


  Introduction: Textbooks are the basis of school education and the main sources of information for teachers and students. Many researchers emphasize on the fact that textbooks have a lot of problems and shortcomings in terms of social, cultural, educational and linguistic aspects. Grammar teaching is ...  Read More

Original Article
Chaos and Butterfly Effect in Game of Thrones by George Raymond Richard Martin

Atieh Momenzadeh; Bahman Zarrinjooee

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 45-65


  Game of Thrones is the first book of Song of Ice and Fire series by American author George Raymond Richard Martin; a fictional-epic story set in the realm of Westeros. The main line of story is the struggle and war to reach the Iron Throne, during which several other stories are born. What distinguishes ...  Read More

Original Article
Simulation and Modulation: Emotional Narrative in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House

Ladan Mokhtarzadeh; Zahara Jannessari Ladani; Negar Sharif

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 67-91


  Introduction: The present study examines Louise Erdrich's novel The Round House in the light of Patrick Colm Hogan’s affect notions of narrative concerning the emotional experiences of the subjects. This paper attempts to trace the concepts of affect, emotional narrative, eliciting conditions, ...  Read More

Original Article
Criticism of functional equivalent and formal equivalent in Bobzin's Quranic translation Along with the comparison of the translation of "Surah Qadr" with the translation of Rückert and Rudi Paret

Fatemeh Khodakarami

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 93-119


  With the beginning of the 20th century and the continuation of the scientific and investigative attitude in the field of Islamology in the 18th and 19th centuries, orientalists and Islamologists started scientific and practical translation of the Qur'an. The translation by Hartmut Bobezin, a German orientalist ...  Read More

Original Article
Reconstruction of Subjectivity: Spatial Reproduction and Geo-Mental Narrative in Inaam Kachachi’s The American Granddaughter

Mahshid Namjoo; Leila Baradaran Jamili

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 121-143


  Introduction: This research aims to investigate the effects of geography in the reconstruction of subjectivity and also shows that there is a mutual relationship between spatiality and subjectivity. The theoretical framework is mainly based on Henri Lefebvre’s theories of space which represent ...  Read More

Original Article
The role of different foreign language teaching methods on the level of language anxiety and the effectiveness of anxiety control empowerment courses on the evolution of language learners' learning patterns

Leila Shobeiry

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 145-174


  Introduction: In the present study, we investigated how the type of teaching method can affect the level of language anxiety of foreign language students. The purpose of this research is to find the answer to the basic question of how to use the best teaching method in the language class by controlling ...  Read More

Original Article
One should Tell the Unvarnished Truth: Meta-historical Romance in Wrinkle’s Wash

Zahra Taheri

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 175-197


  Introduction: despite the popularity of realistic historical novel in the nineteenth century, especially in works by Sir Walter Scott, as the prime genre for the representation of bourgeois class and its value system, it is the postmodern version which has surpassed its ancestor and put this literary ...  Read More

Original Article
Analysis of Genitive and Attributive Collocations in Russian and Persian Languages in Order to Determine the Necessity of Teaching them

Mohsen Shojaee; Bahram Mehrabian

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 199-226


  IntroductionIn the paper collocations are introduced and their significance in teaching foreign languages is discussed. During the last decades there has been a growing attention to word combination and its significance in teaching foreign languages. Word combinations, of course, include free word combinations, ...  Read More

Original Article
Violence and Laughter in Selected Comedies of William Shakespeare

Hossein Mohseni

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 227-248


  IntroductionIn order to insist upon discursive reconfiguration of violence in Shakespeare’s comedies, critics bring examples of civic and political violence, and matrimonial/domestic and erotic manipulations in plays’ real and fantastic worlds. In plays such as The Merchant of Venice, The ...  Read More

Original Article
An Analysis of The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende as a Historiographic Metafiction

abdolbaghi rezaei talarposhti; Behzad Pourgharib; Ahmad Reza Rahimi

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 249-274


  Historiographic metafiction, as one of the postmodern writing styles, reminds the readers of its being fictional as it does not claim of any representation of reality and thus it challenges the historical truth. In fact it presents history in a slightly different manner than how it actually happened ...  Read More

Original Article
Existential Anxiety and the Divided Self in Margaret Atwood’s Selected Short Stories

Afsaneh Heidari

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 275-293


  Introduction: Despite Margaret Atwood’s well-established literary reputation and her influence as one of the most important figures in Canadian literature, her short stories have been neglected in favor of her other writing and treated as less important and mere preparatory exercises compared to ...  Read More

Original Article
A new look at the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray based on Freud's views on personality

Alireza Shohani; Fereshteh Maleki

Volume 19, Issue 29 , March 2023, Pages 295-315


  Introduction: The purpose of the current research is to study the psychological and less branched aspects of one of the most prominent novels of the late nineteenth century England, namely, The Picture of Dorian by Oscar Wilde. Regardless of its Gothic aspect and its moral and artistic aesthetics, this ...  Read More