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Assistant Professor, Department of French and German Language, Faculty of Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran



Learning a foreign language such as French always faces various challenges, including overcoming the grammatical problems of learners. Given that grammatical exercises can functionally play an important role in learning the grammar of a foreign language, in this study we aim to look for a relationship between memory and types of grammatical exercises. In other words, in this study we seek to find an answer to the question of how linguistic data and information are stored and classified in the human brain and memory? What is the difference between grammar knowledge and grammar skills, and how can French teachers turn grammar knowledge or mental data into grammar skills through grammar exercises? Using a questionnaire, we asked a question about teachers' knowledge of psychological issues of language, including memory and its relationship with grammar exercises. The research method in this research is analytical and descriptive statistics are presented. The results of this study clearly show that French language teachers are not sufficiently aware of the psychological issues of language and the effective role that this knowledge plays in their teaching skills in choosing different types of grammatical exercises. The results of this study on the types of grammatical exercises also show that conceptual exercises and exercises that deal with the textual, spoken and written productions of learners as well as task-based exercises that are done in groups have the greatest role in the development of procedural memory (which is directly related to Acquisition of language skills is related).