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2 International Relations Department- Economics and Politics Faculty- Shahid Beheshti University- Tehran- Iran



The decentered subjectivity which is studied by Paul Virilio is the result of modernity and humans' alienation from himself and the surrounding. The consequential detachment from the background human history by manifesting the unfolded and shattered human history, along with the humanistic spirit is studied. His revelation is studied here, through a discourse analysis in terms of two seemingly diverse, but essentially commingled and integrated discourse theories and subjectivity approaches including the dromological and panoptical discourses, based upon his theory of dromology and Foucault's theory of the panopticism, to investigate the relationship between identity formation and discourses, both of which are considered as the parts and parcels of modernism. Virilio argues the importance of technology in the life and destiny of human being as a cyborg and has challenged the power discourse through the combination of the two mentioned discourses, especially in international and war fields. The transition of panoptical discourse to dromological discourse is manifested in this study to emphasize on different elements at hand with speed acceleration to exert a supreme panoptical power over others.