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Martin Amis’s novels, Time’s Arrow (1991), and London Fields (1989) have many layers of interpretations including historical study by which scientific study may be distilled. Annealing, as a method in metallurgy science, can be taken into consideration for understanding one of the aspects of the novels’ interpretation. The trend of life after passing the social, cultural and historical circulations based on Jean Francois Lyotard and Michel Foucault and their notions of knowledge, power and time is taken back to its original condition and culminates in recreation.
Background Studies
Sacido about Martin Amis’s works writes that he condensed the spirit of the times while looking back to authors of the canonical tradition in the form of inter-textual games (235). Johnson mentions that we can describe the mysteries of love as the result of strong annealing process while under the influence of some patterns can trigger high energy states (3).
This paper is an attempt to reveal Martin Amis’s selected novels as the process of a dynamic trend by which the original condition is recreated as a result of being stuck in the social circulation. The character circulates in the process of society and achieves new acquired being.
The main characters of the both novels have a return from death to life or form the synthesized identity to the original identity through the process of annealing as a result of resonance.