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The importance of words in speech and writing is so much so that in the absence of words, it would be impossible to talk, converse or communicate with others. At the same time, not every word will create or maintain a connection. Improper and misleading use of words may even lead to a loss of verbal or written communication with misunderstanding.

Since so far most of the researches have been done on how to practice vocabulary, due to the importance of using the right vocabulary and lexical combinations in conveying and communicating with the audience and in order to improve and upgrade the educational level of German language teaching institutions, this article examines the errors of Iranian language learners in grade B from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The criterion for this study is a field study conducted at the beginning of 2019 in one of the German educational institutions. This study shows the type and amount of mistakes of Iranian adult language learners in using German language