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1. The Objects of Return: Architectonics of Postmemory in Anne Enright's The Gathering

Shahriyar Mansouri; Hadi Shahi Gharehaghaji

Volume 18, Issue 27 , February 2022, , Pages 213-238


  This part is to investigate Anne Enright's novel The Gathering in the light of postmemory. I argue that The Gathering is a post-mnemonic text in which not only postmemory is used by the narrator to preserve the past but also to reveal the post-mnemonic truth or untruth and this apocalyptic revelation ...  Read More

2. Murphy as the Prolific Narrator: Narrative as the Confluence of Deleuzian Incompossibility and Personal Construct of Memory

Shahriyar Mansouri

Volume 15, Issue 21 , October 2019, , Pages 237-254

  In its Deleuzian context of Possibilism truth emerges as an event that is at once impossible and inevitable. Moreover, in its Aristotelian frame, truth is divided in two symbolic forms: speech and written, each including 'noun' and 'verbs' as they subcategories. By examining Samuel Beckett's Murphy (1938), ...  Read More

3. Joyce, Contra-Joyce: Time and Untime in Ulysses

Shahriyar Mansouri

Volume 14, Issue 18 , June 2018, , Pages 261-285

  The Modern Irish novel has accommodated time as a flow of mental processes that deal with concepts such as Irish history, culture and politics. This conception of time, moreover, had not only appreciated time as a non-linear continuum, being rooted within the nation, but also treated time as a flexible ...  Read More